Our safes are time-tested, robust, and backed-up with a full 10 year warranty. Paragon has a reputation for quality as evidenced by their workmanship and materials. We use thicker steel, stronger latches, and are up-to-date on the latest trends in technology for all of our electronics. Our safes are designed for safety, security and ease of use.

Our premium quality safes rank with the toughest in the industry. Review our Products, a full range of residential and commercial security safes, rifle and handgun safes, and fire safes, featuring state of the art high tech safes using biometric and fingerprint locks, digital, electronic and combined locking systems.

Business owners, protect your cash collections with our Federal Deposit line of heavy duty digital drop depository safes. Other business assets such as customer and transaction files, tax documents, custom software and data backups are essential to operating your business, and they require secure fire resistant storage. Loss of these assets causes expensive delays in operations, and frequently even business failure.

Homeowners can improve residential security by choosing from the Quartermaster Series of safes to protect your valuables and important records. The QM Electronic Flat Panel Wall Safes , Notebook Computer Safe, and Home/Office Security safe offer a range of placement and access types to protect your high-value and irreplaceable items.

Many choose to improve home or business security by having a weapon. Gun owners, manage the risk of keeping a gun in the home or business by using a reliable, quality gun safe that still provides you with rapid access. Choose from long rifle safes for those hunting rifles and shotguns, or the pistol safes for storing those personal protection handguns.

Paragon's reputation for quality is backed by our full ten-year warranty. We incorporate the latest technological advances to provide you with maximum security and ease of use.