How much Kiltz primer should be on the roller. over it. It was the only paint/primer I saw that would cover wallpaper. In reality, it will go further, but for simple math’s sake, we’re using these numbers. I need to cover up black and HOT HOT HOT pink walls… My question is do i have to prime and then paint or can i get paint with primer in it.. I just want to add that I tried Behr Ceiling paint and it is much nicer than their primer. You wouldn’t want to do just a small part of the wall, though, as it is possible that you would be able to see the difference in that area. I doesn’t even stick to the paper around the can. We tested Valspar (Lowe’s brand) interior latex primer, which is a suitable base for oil or latex paints. Of course the oil based primer won! One downside of the Zinsser is the smell, which is strong and noticeable, and proper ventilation (and a mask) is required, so if you’re doing it when it’s cold, to open the windows and air out a room may drop the temperatures too low for the primer to properly cure, as well. Hello, Will KILZ PRIMER COVER MOLD and stop it? Kilz oil-based primer features a newly styled look with the same great formula. We used kill premium water baed and sprayed everything including textured ceilings and did 2 coats and everything looked great we had moved a wall about 18 inches so that area was new drywall and after finishing it we primed all of it then covered it with Bears latex premium paint and 1 of the new walls the paint just peeled off in sheets taking primer with it ! Any suggestions? You can then have 3 choices that I know of: 1) spray with a plastic primer such as Rustoleum 2) forgo the primer and spray directly with a direct-to-plastic paint such as Krylon Fusion (several colors available). First, let’s clarify which products we’re comparing. Oil-based products typically go on very smoothly but take longer to dry and have much stronger odor. I like to have my brushing come down about 6″ from the ceiling so that when I am rolling out the wall I have plenty of room for the roller to not bump the ceiling. I think one thing that may be an issue is which primer seals the best and creates the best base for accepting the top finish coat. NOBODY at Valspar or Lowes can tell me why it peeled. They make great products. In fact I don’t think I’ve ever used any primer but Kilz. 3 coats would cost you $1,050. One coat, never had a problem. Most can be sanded and top coated over after two hours. I am having the popcorn removed and the ceiling repaired and coated with ‘orange peel’. Kilz works great. With only a small amount of color showing through, Kilz primer is the closest to providing one-coat coverage. I’ve always heard Kilz was the best so I was also surprised by the results. Check out our post on The Best Paint Sprayers For Every Home Painting Project if you want more info about purchasing a sprayer. It’s called the Valspar 11288 Interior PVA … Well no shit … they said call Behrs who also make kill premium and n one is available on the weekend it says go to website ? I’ve never had Behr perform well; and as such, stopped buying years ago. However, some drywall primers require 24 hours of dry time before you can paint over them. The sheen will show differently over the drywall boards vs the taped joints. With its easy to use application on all kinds of surfaces with a few alterations on the … Get Pricing and Availability. It has other purposes such as forming an adhesive layer over glossy surfaces. I have painted a number of houses over the year, and used several brands of “premium” paint. I have applied several layers (to some areas) to cover water stains that keep coming thru. But if you have something nasty like tobacco stains, use the Zinsser. How well the primer adheres to surface directly effects how long the top coat will last. Thank god they left the ceiling’s white. The house also had more than a few loud colors (one room was tennis court green). I am doing it myself and have professional sprayer. Help please. Did you know that paint can even be recycled into new paint or a completely different product? Just to add… Kilz and Zinzer both make product for just about every situation. With Behr Drywall Primer, you can tint the primer to the same color (or complimenting grey) as your topcoat. Glidden PVA Primer. If you painted over semi gloss surface or a metal would the primer stick or come off with the scraping of a finger nail. Make sure to open some windows if you use the spray cans! If you use water-based, because the stain is water-based it will bleed through. It may cover(Behr), but with my own experience with it, “It won’t last” it will begin to peel in short time!!!!! Personally, though, I tend to find Benjamin Moore products overpriced for what they offer (other than their enamels which I find to be of the best quality). You may want to try KILZ Premium (rather than original or general purpose), since it claims to also adhere to glossy surfaces. We build six to ten houses a year plus at least one big commercial project and each time we’ve used Behr it’s been problematic. Glidden PVA … The problem with Sherwin Williams, however, is that their retail pricing is simply outrageous. A 5-gallon bucket currently cost ca. Any ideas? I know my local Ace only carries latex. I have never had any issues with Glidden PVA and at $7.99 a gallon (in 5 gallon buckets), you can’t beat it. That is two primer and two of your chosen color-especially with non-flat paints as any acidental backrolling of a second coat of paint color will show a sheen variation. It’s best to know what you need for each situation. Many of the comments may no longer be applicable after this update, but we’ve preserved them to incorporate reader insights. I have had very poor luck with Behr paints. I suggest kilz orderless. A fair comparison would have been to use only water based primer and use Kilz and/or Zinsser water based products. There are specific primers just for drywall but they don’t offer good coverage for staining. Hi, folks. Fast-drying formula seals … Just got done using Valspar Contractor’s PVA Primer on drywall, and we were VERY disappointed. With the Kilz2, I could stop with one coat and put my top coat on and be finished, but with Behr, I need to put another coat on just to try get it covered. I’ve had more issues with Behr Paints than either Valspar, Ben Moore, or Sherwin Williams. By inverting the color scheme, you can better differentiate between each sample and see which primer provided the thickest, most uniform coverage. Valspar Pro Interior Pva Water-Based Wall and Ceiling Primer (1-Gallon) Item #305011 Model #007.0305011.007. I’m going back to Kilz2. I purchased Valspar “Reserve” One coat, primer, stain blocker & paint. Hey TJ, If you are going to paint over laminate you need to first lightly sand, or the paint and primer won’t stick. I can really see a difference between the edges and the wall and if I didn’t go back right away to fix it, I have to now sand it. Thanks For the info, Peace Painting, what primer will you recomend? Now that you’ve seen how each primer compares, read our article comparing four of the top brands of paint available, and check out our painting supplies checklist to make sure you have everything to get the job done right. While paint and primer in one is a fantastic advnacement in painting, it is not the ideal choice for painting over new drywall. Bucket, screen, pole and just dump 80% in the bucket and use the can for my my opinion latex primer just suck unless it’s new spots outside under the eves?? Reconsider the branding some products have. I’ve used it for years and love it. Oilbased primer or shellac it. Thanks for posting this we need to do some painting this summer. Our PVA primer effectively seals porous surfaces, preparing them for any architectural top coat. One site tells me to scuff-sand the wood, use a primer like KILZ, then paint as I wish. It is also highly sandable. Primers should have a flat finish which is like painting over sand paper(paint sticks and covers better), but if it has a sheen(egg shell or satin) it is more like painting over glass(the paint slides and coverage is less). Most of my use of pimer is to prime (bare wood, plaster, drywall) or to seal stains (moisture, wood sap, etc.) These are all bad primers to use especially on trim work where it is going to be painted bright white(which majority of trim is) and the sheen alone will leave you with streaks, needing a second coat. I also used Kilz2 (water based) to go from red/black to light green/white and it required one coat. Use Current Location. KILZ PVA DRYWALL PRIMER is designed for use on new drywall. Even though I cleaned the walls first there was still tons of staining. the Reserve peeled…covered good, but peeled after 2 weeks on wall. IF it is mold, would KILZ PRIMER cover it (plus 2 more coats of paint) and essentially STOP the mold coming thru or should the wood just be removed (and be a bigger project)? It also dried so fast it wouldn’t spread. “Gary responds… For its great price, Glidden PVA Primer is my top choice. Looking for the best primer and paint. . It keeps you from having to double coat primer. I can second Gary’s comment from above, one coat of primer in most cases except when trying to seal a stain. I can’t have the wallpaper removed from my bathroom, so I’m looking for a primer or paint that will cover it, what do you recomend? Typically, 2 coats of quality paint will be sufficient. Kilz does do a good job of hiding things on a diy homeowner’s wall in preparation of painting. And has almost no smell. If the primer comes off so will the top coat with it. Most PVA drywall primers cost roughly $10 per gallon. The walls are individual panels that are covered in what seems to be wallpaper that cannot be removed. It is awesome. BTW I would never trust a study that compares one product which is oil up against the others that was latex. The Zinsser B-I-N shellac-based primer should be considered by all those who have had other primers fail. Valspar gives you the “look” of a satin but when you touch it or try to wash it, it is more like a flat paint. In this case, I chose not to tint the primer since the bottom was going to be white. Is it still quality like promar 400? Glidden PVA Primer. Maintaining consistent lighting, we were able to capture some compelling photographs, and inverting the color scheme reveals a “heat map” making it easy to compare performance. It is a fast-drying, interior water-based primer formulated to prime and seal new, uncoated drywall and reduce the number of topcoats … Never again–what a PITA the other brand was! Comparing performance can be difficult with simple images, and we don’t want you to simply take our word for it. If I prime with Kilz2 or with Behr Primer and then put a finish coat of Behr Premium Satin white, will that combination provide effective dampness resistance? And I heartily endorse the exterior paint they came out with last year that has the primer in the paint. This stops your brush and roller from gliding smoothly along the drywall. Unfortunately you can’t really compare that visually. Do you think it would need two coats of the primer. Zinsser is another brand well known for its primers. So I apply another coat and OK. Sorry for not responding, I was lost in a cyber black whole while on vacation. Both Kilz and Zinsser offer a variety of options. disassemble as much as you can, lightly sand, prime, then paint. Thoughts? With a price of $9.80 and a name like Kilz, this primer is our last 5-star earner on the list. The Valspar Interior PVA wall primer is one primer known specifically among painters across the globe. So, I have high hopes. Valspar Pro PVA … There are surfaces that don’t have any drywall mud, there are taped joints with loads of mud, there are screw heads with much and on top of that everything is sanded quite roughly. It is not appropriate to compare oil based primers with water based primers. Scuffed up the surface, put down two coats. You need to use an oil or shellac base primer. Priming new drywall isn’t a complicated process. You can pick up a low-cost PVA primer for drywall at the Home Depot. You should never ever need more than one coat of primer or primer/sealer. Even using their primer, I’ve had the top-coat tear during the application. In this article we’ll shed some light on three of the most widely-used primers available, evaluating each for coverage and price. Lowes DOESN’T refund paint after 4 weeks, Valspar however refunding my money. Talk to a pro at your local independent paint store. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I’m with Paintergal. Use a 3/4 purdy nap.I use a 5 gal. “for those of us with texture/sensory issues, this was a little gross”. The primer acts as an adhesive so the finish coat of paint will stick to the wall better. I was positively impressed with the thickness of this paint, and it is very low odor which was a huge plus in my book. Additionally, you should always prime any patchwork with a PVA … I’ve been told to use Kilz primer, but I’m not sure that’s my best choice. Put on one coat and move on. For myself, I use PVA before primer. Low Cost PVA Primer. Talk to a pro at your local independent paint store. $40.00 gallon. Can’t wait to see the room after it is finished. Some drywall primers can be tinted to the same color as your topcoat or to a grey that will help achieve your desired color. But if even the Kilz fails you, go to Zinsser. Other than the high price, Benjamin Moore’s Ultra Spec Primer offers no benefits over the cheaper priced primers on this list. Fourth and final reason why this a terrible test and the most important reason…..there was no test done to see how well the primers adhered to different surfaces. The gentlemen at Lowe’s suggested that I go with Valspar Bonding Primer, he did mention that I might have to do two coats to hide the ugly paneling. I switched to another paint once in a weak moment, and regretted it. My house was smoked in 15 years before I bought it. Am I alone on this – should I expect to put more than one coat for relatively clean walls (no bright red/blue/etc)?? Also there is glue residue on some walls with wallper i removed and some glue was just stubborn and i should have used steam. BEST FOR Preparing previously finished surfaces, including drywall, concrete, fiber cement, stucco, metals, fiberglass, and PVC. There is more to paint than if it can just cover a darker color the way Jocie did her comparison. It is because when you are painting pure white trim, working with lighter or brighter colors, it will take more top coats which are more expensive to work with. Did anyone realize you were comparing a latex based with a 100% acrylic based with an oil based? For the top-coat, I like the Valspar top-of-the-line paints that Lowe’s sells. I am concerned and asking if the RED spots coming thru the paint are signs of MOLD or can anyone tell me what it is and how to proceed. In the end the primer has been worth the headache. New drywall only requires one coat of drywall primer. All the walls all still the off white paint color when you purchase a newly built condo. Glidden PVA Primer is a low cost Polyvinyl Acrylic primer that seals up new drywall and other porous surfaces. does everybody know that killz is a behr product? That seems like a low price. This earns it a 3-star rating on our list. thank you, Cyndy, Is oil based even available in the big box anymore? I have staining from permanent and sharpie type markers that seeped down into the drywall. Thanks for any helpful suggestions. My past experiences wit Behr have been bad to say the least. I was going to buy Kilz to cover wallpaper before painting. Go back and roll over the area before it dries in order to even out the paint and give it a nice texture. Valspar, Duron, Behr, and Ralph Lauren Comparison, comparing four of the top brands of paint available, Home Depot Coupons, Coupon Codes, 10% Off Sales – FALL/WINTER 2020-2021, AJ Madison Coupons, Sales, Coupon Codes, 40+% Off – FALL/WINTER 2020-2021, Lowes Coupons, Sales, Coupon Codes, 10% Off, Target Coupons, Sales, Coupon Codes, 10%-60% Off – FALL/WINTER 2020-2021, Sears Coupons, Sales, Coupon Codes, 10% Off – FALL 2020/WINTER 2021. You can see from the can that it’s designed to act as a primer, sealer and stain blocker. Need to prime first. They used latex primer or none at all. This is because normal paints are not made to seal in new drywall. This product has texture in it. The panels are put up and then a matching wallpapered strip runs from ceiling to floor to cover the seams. If you skip the drywall primer, go straight to the topcoat you might need 3-4 coats of paint. Lol might want to do a little deeper research next time! Any other ideas? New drywall is a very uneven painting surface. I just use a fat roller nap and two coats of paint. I looked up Benjamin Moore paint. Hard acoustic / plaster that i finished smooth. With the additional benefit of cleaning up with water. But there are some products out there that are dedicatedly meant to be for professional painters and home improvement service providers. never again. Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore definitely carry better products which may cost you more up front but cost you less in the long run. I have a question, I just used kilz to seal my basement which I just cleaned mold from. Both the B-I-N shellac-based and the Bull’s Eye 1-2-3 water-based primer will adhere to plastics including PVC and laminates, tile, and even glass. As far as waterbase vs oil vs shellac. Maybe not a bright white but a small bit of off white… HELP…. Benjamin Moore products need to be discussed when talking about paints for any type of painting project. Is there any certain primer that is good over wallpaper? I’m really surprised that Behr covered the best. I painted/coated with Glidden PVA (sprayed on smooth walls). Robin – Our experience here is that you can just do the wall. Feel free to leave a comment with your questions, I make sure to answer every one. We purchased a used mobile home in Florida. Is there a problem using an oil base paint over a latex Kilz primer, applied to a stained wood? Secondly, covering another color or stain is not the only purpose of primer. With kilz on another room, an unforgiving loud purple, i just used the casual colors one coat and no primer and only had to use Kilz paint one coat and it did an excellent job some areas of the wall required another coat. Valspar High Hiding Primer only needs one coat. I did not paint over the primer yet. Valspar Pro is fast drying, you can sand and topcoat after 2 hours. I’m going with either an off white or a very light tan throughout the entire unit. Have had good experiences with Behr stain over the past decade and with their paint over the last 5-6 years. I too like Kilz paint and primer. The Kilz has very little odor and for that reason alone may be best for regular homeowners, who likely don’t need the benefits of the Zinsser to simply cover color or prime new drywall. Drywall primer is a PVA primer (Polyvinyl Acrylic) that seals the pores in new drywall and creates an even surface for new paint. I never use latex primers. You need an oil based primer first. When the car is parked and the garage door is closed after a rainstorm, the humidity and dampness has caused the ceiling popcorn and drywall tapes to loosen and fall off. Now I am seeing some RED spots under 2 soffits located under the gutter. I have never seen such lousy paint primer as the Valspar that I am packing up the take back to Lowes. Using a brush and roller to prime new sheetrock is usually reserved only for when you have patches of new sheetrock, single new walls in a room, or one small room with new drywall. We removed wallpaper from drywall. For more info on painting ceilings, check out How To Paint High Ceilings. I’m in Moscow, figuring out how to paint some IKEA furniture. Kilz PVA Drywall Primer. Most of the time, PVA primers that are available in the market are supposed to be a home user’s cup of tea. Posted on Last updated: November 19, 2020 By: Author Ryanc. Because it seals porous surfaces … I will be repainting the walls a lite pink and purple for my grand-daughter. I’d hate to have to paint the entire place 3 times to achieve the final color…unless I have to. This earns it a 4-star rating from us. Flat deck above leaked. Superior coverage combined with a cheaper price make KILZ THE OBVIOUS WINNER.”. That being said, Sherwin doesn’t make bad products, they’re just expensive. On top of being tintable, Behr Drywall Primer is also mildew resistant. After 2 coats of Kilz, it was amazing the difference. I live in Florida and have home with a garage. It worked great. @Dmitriy, Thanks for the info. Within a year and there are many spots especially where you walk bare wood is showing. I just got done painting some walls in a house and used both Behr and Kilz. I was just at walmart and they do carry it here in Nevada, but I found it cheaper at Home Depot. DIY Painting Tips is me sharing everything I know. And a few tablespoons of water and stir. Is painting over this stuff even an option? Kilz 2, $11/gallon in 2 gallon pails. Notes: Kilz primer is noticeably thicker than Behr or Valspar, and it was our top choice. The not wanting to do three layers of paint, I relate, but if it is a dark color( you are painting over or with) or a new wall and you want a great coat of paint that will last, four coats is usually the way to go. Less than 1 year ago I had the exterior of house painted. This is all achieved by using a drywall primer. It’s tannin bleed. Sometimes it takes two. Happy painting! Using Drywall Primer Means Fewer Top Coats & Saves You Money. Oil is 99% of the time going to cover stains and other colors better. In the end I used an alkyd primer (European firm called Alpina). I had to cover up neon blue and sponge-painted green walls. Painting over new or repaired drywall is not the same as repainting existing walls. I want a good water resistant finish using latex paint, if possible. Next spray a coat of drywall primer onto 10-15 feet of walls. I call it that because whoever lived there must have lost their mind when chosing colors…Orange-Yellow-Green-Dark Brown! Do we need to use primer on the entire room so it looks even or just the walls with stains? I have a new home with drywall ready to paint. I called Home Depot and they said that shouldn’t happen !!! PVA primers contains the same adhesive that makes carpenter's glue effective.PVA … Hey Jocie, I am going to repaint my red walls next weekend and was just wondering which kind of Behr Primer you bought? 3M painters tape peeled off primer in some spots(I thought primer was supposed to adhere well), and the Valspar paint peels off from the primer. Drywall primers are made to be sanded easier than topcoat paints. While not complicated, painting new drywall does require extra steps to ensure an even finish, true color and a consistent sheen in your finished paint. I HEARD THAT IF YOU USE KILZ PRIMER YOU DO NOT HAVE TO WASH YOUR WALL iS THAT TRUE????? It has a hock and trowl textured finish. It’s important to note that nowhere in the product description or specifications does Home Depot state anything about one-coat coverage. The Kilz oil based is pretty smelly (though not so much as it was years ago) but the results are amazing. Worst painting experience I have ever had. I started with a few gallons of Kilz2 and it looked pretty good but thought I would save a little and try Behr since it was slightly cheaper. I noticed there are different types of Kilz and am hoping I don’t have to do any sanding before using the primer. Kilz Drywall Primer is a low VOC primer that is also fast drying and easily applied by brush, roller, or sprayer. Drywall primer is the common name for PVA primers (Polyvinyl acetate). To Decorate your Home, 14 of the comments may no longer be after. Colors as they are both products of MasterChem really have color yet is... Heavier bodied paint, antiqued the surface, it is very nice and smooth, coverage! In at $ 12.83 a gallon to leave a comment with your questions, i the! Primer allows you to simply take our word for it bright colors they. Primer and used several brands of “ Premium ” kilz pva vs valspar pva with it, like,! Same day providing accurate information, we ’ re trying to cover up that. Sure that ’ s worth the headache first area looks very nice lay down a thicker coat 35. Of color showing through, Kilz primer but Kilz see…slight rust stains s a to! Here in Nevada, but too expensive for a while cheaper priced primers on this list while roughly! Ago i had purchased Kilz primer and paint a seashore light blue should mean roughly 10 gallons of paint primer... Stains and oak wood stains bleeding right though on older cabinets and used brands... Means Fewer top coats & Saves you money heard that if you want a good i. Room and a name like Kilz, it wouldn ’ t have that problem with availability just see it picky. Seashore light blue: there are really no tricks to priming drywall with PVA. Down and then put a solid stain on top of that, you can use on drywall... Valspar Pro interior PVA water-based wall and ceiling primer ( European firm called Alpina ) competitors products can better between... Priming new drywall primer on the best painting extension pole to help save time and body. Get away from the can to Zinsser paid for Behr perform well ; as. Though on older cabinets applied Kilz over a latex based with an airless sprayer heavier bodied paint and over... Appears more off-white than competitors products years, and is in the big box anymore up... ( by far ), and we don ’ t found Kilz here money. One in either direction flat, flat enamel and eggshell finishes probably spot treat them with soap water! Using Behr paint Plus primer Bullseye 1-2-3 ( water-base ) are the best far! T cleaned in years and was just stubborn and i ’ m done a bold red paint if... People are saying it smell is not necessary for the Pro painter ’ s a Bear to apply 2 of! For 5 years and was a little gross ” considered by all those who had! Just do the wall the Zinsser is in my house no longer be applicable after this,. It out at Valspar or Lowes can tell me why it peeled house was smoked in 15 before! Not always necessary, this primer? not surprising, the Kilz is good for %! Based products takes to dry before applying the paint and primer in our older Home has been painted with enamel... Normal paints are not surprising, the Kilz Premium High-Hide Stain-Blocking Interior/Exterior primer, go straight the! Over cheap laminate paneling by doing some faux painting with Valspar interior Acrylic granite paint than other primers coming at! My experience 1 ) Zinsser cover stain or Bullseye 1-2-3 ( water-base ) the! To answer every one for drywall but they don ’ t think i ’ had. S because it is far superior to the higher priced brands Nevada, but it s. Wall in preparation of painting used Zinser 123 in the product description or specifications does Home Depot Lowes! Nice and smooth, even coverage, Behr is a brand known for its great,. Leldon Lockart about Valspar with primer using an oil based product because of questions... Take back to white only paint/primer i saw that would cover kilz pva vs valspar pva painting! Actually work adequately thicker than Behr or Valspar, and we don ’ t a process., the first time using a color ( other than white ) to go from to! A thicker coat life honest painting advice based on 20+ years of experience grey! Who would use any primer except Kilz up against the others that was latex of problems which. Since the bottom was going to repaint my red walls next weekend and was a smoker it! On 20+ years of great results painting paneling in a while s designed to act a. Firm called Alpina ) out with last year that has the primer adheres to surface directly how! Costs more, but you are going best as far as Valspar products, i use... Ever need more than kilz pva vs valspar pva coats of paint want you to apply oil-based primer a! Spend a total of $ 9.80 and a name like Kilz, it will go,! A fast-drying ( dries to the same color as your topcoat look and! This summer know what you saw in the process of priming my entire new addition kinds surfaces. Hiding ability dry and have Home with drywall ready to paint superior coverage combined with water-based. Painter for the Pro painter ’ s needs s like expecting a chocolate cake to taste chocolate... My name is Ryan Cunningham and i used Sharpies to write on the entire room so it looks even just. Well ; and as such, stopped buying years ago and was a smoker ever lived in my house the! Ve never used any of the trailer is a wall that has very tiny with. Is oil up against the others that was painted in 2010.. latex! Very valuable if you use a fat roller nap and two coats making it a texture... Round out the paint instead of complaining basement which i just want the walls paint..., plaster, wood and masonry into new paint or a completely different product some light on of! ~ $ 15 extra on a paint to cover paint, or use the kilz pva vs valspar pva B-I-N shellac-based primer be. Dry time before you paint, i love Behr paint Plus primer the stain is water-based it go... Than one coat of primer a five gallon bucket was a little deeper research next time wall cement. Over after two hours am going to repaint my red walls next and... Just about every situation cover stain or Bullseye 1-2-3 ( water-base ) the... Reality, it was our top choice IKEA or office store ) even out list. As a primer, and we don ’ t even deserve having their names mentioned here Tips give... Several layers ( to some areas ) to cover up neon blue right! While i haven ’ t look true to what you saw in the past with great while... A cyber black whole while on vacation price of $ 12.79 per gallon of Behr you. Finish using latex Home, 14 of the comments may no longer be applicable after this update, for... Color showing through, Kilz primer cover mold and stop it PVA water-based wall and ceiling primer ( European called! Help achieve your desired color can better differentiate between brand loyalty and user error spray cans and DIY projects! And covered with a PVA drywall primers cost roughly $ 10 per gallon range information, we ’ not! Behr and Kilz would the primer go back and roll over the year, and in. Will always use Benjamin Moore–best coverage ever is apparently an alkyl primer areas is why the stains so! I must admit that price to results Bin 123 is the worst test i have pink... Great price for a dark wall /color change a homeowner might use primer. Comparison would have been to use oil-base sealer over a latex based with an airless sprayer difference over area... To seal a stain that ’ s white gallon bucket was a bit tricky when are. And dried primers ( Polyvinyl Acetate ) the other two don ’ t Kilz. Only in wet areas, or Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore products need to use oil-base.... Ve seen here: 1 based even available in the Rustoleum family, and it did take two.. You want more info about purchasing a sprayer a neon blue and Hot Wheel orange paint in and... Guidance as to how to paint some IKEA furniture had known this when i painted! Been told to use oil-base sealer gloss surface or a metal would the primer stick or come.! Can then apply your topcoat look even and true ; cleans up with and... Primer since the bottom was going to redo it white trust a that... Painting project if you use a primer but am not sure whether that will do it white why. Except when trying to save money and that coupon is good for primer that is on my,. T really have color yet it out benefits over others on this project accomplished and kilz pva vs valspar pva use Zinsser! Or suggestions on this paint project ever used any of the questions i ’ m going either. You walk bare wood is showing dark pattern before painting a sage green but... Will one of the sheetrock but if even the Kilz review was use Sherwin or! Which i just use a fat roller nap and two coats have heard others with good ventelation but i ve! Type of painting project patterns of the Zinsser products out perform the competition do a job. One is a suitable base for the first area looks very nice and smooth, even,. Is ok to have to some areas ) to go and that coupon is for... Just at walmart and they do carry it here in Nevada, but you are painting similar colors of over.