She has not been seen since, but has been mentioned in The Crystal Cave, when Morgana's true parentage was revealed. Uther destroyed the wraith, and Merlin subsequently threw the sword into the Lake of Avalon at the urging of the Great Dragon. Although Gwen was briefly reunited with Lancelot, she now appears more secure in her relationship with Arthur, kissing him before he departed for the raid on Camelot, the two sharing another kiss in the courtyard after the battle when Gwen rode into Camelot alongside the new Knights of the Round Table. Queen Annis proved to be an adept judge of character once she saw past her grief. She was arrested for witchcraft but later released, and joyfully reunited with her father. Using a potion that allowed her to temporarily take on the form of Lady Catrina, the troll and her servant, Jonas, infiltrated Camelot and arranged a meeting with Uther. "Although most … Grettir (portrayed by Warwick Davis) The Great Dragon later tells Merlin that Mordred will one day kill Arthur. He even sent a pixie, Gruinhilde, to serve as Elena's nurse and guard the Sidhe inside her. Percival caught Guinevere when she was sneaking out to meet Morgana, but when she said she was going to the town because it reminded her of her brother, Percival showed sympathy and promised not to tell anyone that she had been gone. In the first season, Arthur began as a spoiled bully, shown throwing knives at a terrified servant, and picking a fight with Merlin on multiple occasions just for a laugh. The disguise also allows Merlin to use his magic more openly than he can as himself. Gwen accepted this, but also realises that she cannot be Arthur's queen. Gilli decides to compete in the tournament using his full range of skills, his magic being focused through a ring that his father had once possessed. When Uther is mortally wounded in an assassination attempt on Arthur, Agravaine passes on the 'good news' to Morgana. Annis is ultimately a very just and fair woman, but also spontaneous and extreme in her actions, forgiving Arthur his misjudgement and homicide unusually quickly, withdrawing her army and restoring the peace contract that Uther originally signed with her father-in-law and refused to cooperate further with Morgana. Morgana hated her half-brother Arthur nearly from the day he was born, and the legends are full of her attempts to bring his downfall. Uther's death enraged Arthur and incited him further against magic, even causing him to confide in Merlin later that he despised magic and believed it truly evil. Before Uther can kill Merlin, Arthur confronts him again and blows the horn. Arthur is swayed against them by Merlin, in an attempt to prevent Mordred's survival. Eventually, Gwaine and Gaius were locked in prison. For a moment, Gwaine saw the traitor that Agravaine was, but then Agravaine reassured him. Twenty years prior to the events of the series, Uther had outlawed magic and killed every dragon (in Camelot) but one, whom he spared to serve as an example. Whilst Leon announces the battle is won, Merlin finds Arthur and comes to his aid — revealing that he has magic. The Fisher King (portrayed by Donald Sumpter) was the king of a nearby land that had been devastated by a plague. Knight Valiant (portrayed by Will Mellor) was a knight from the Western Isles, who came to Camelot to battle in the annual sword-fighting tournament. Mordred's trademarks are his icy blue glare and green cloak. Morgana cares so much for Aithusa to the point where she willingly let Sarrum imprison her to prevent harm from coming to Aithusa. However, in the battle over the Cup Merlin fatally wounds Morgause in the throne room. Sir Leon saw the mini army, and told Gwaine to warn Arthur that they were under attack. Morgana, also known as Morgan le Fay, is a fairy queen and sorceress of Arthurian legend. Morgause (portrayed by Emilia Fox) was a skilled warrior, sorceress, and the half-sister of Morgana Pendragon. Cedric (portrayed by Mackenzie Crook) was a conman who set out to usurp Merlin's place as Arthur's manservant. When Arthur and Merlin infiltrate the fortress in hopes of freeing their men, Morgana attacks them, and almost kills Arthur. The second episode brings Mordred to the center stage as he journeys with the Saxons and the two prisoners—Arthur and Merlin—to the fortress in Ismere where Morgana is. Morgause was the half-sister of Morgana Pendragon; it is currently unknown if she had any other siblings, however this is more on the unlikely side. In the subsequent fight, both the troll and Jonas were slain by Arthur assisted by Merlin's magic. After killing the son of a sorceress out of self-defense, Freya was cursed to become a magical monster that resembled a large panther with bat-like wings on the stroke of midnight, with an insatiable desire to kill that she would be unable to control. When they are old enough their mother sends them to Camelot in hope Gaius, the Court’s Physician, to help them with their magic. She attacks Mordred and Merlin with her magic; Merlin manages to escape to Arthur and Gwen whilst Morgana attempts to persuade Mordred to join her cause, reminding Mordred of how Arthur would react if he found out Mordred was a sorcerer. Arthur refuses to believe their relationship is impossible and promises things can change. He was a sorcerer that had worked to bring justice upon the ones defying The Triple Goddess. Despite the manticore's plan to poison the king succeeding, Merlin and Gaius were able to cure Uther by killing the manticore. Morgana's Sister ~A Merlin Love Story~ "The Dragon's Call" (part 1) HolaImVeronica backup "Let this serve as a lesson to all. Gwen is later told by Sir Leon that if the King dies, the closest heir to his throne is her and she will be the ruler of Camelot. She was believed to have been trained in the ways of the priestesses, explaining her strong and skillful magical abilities, which ultimately made her a deadly enemy to Camelot. Agravaine smuggles Arthur's sword to Morgana who uses her magic to enchant the sword to bear the weight of a thousand ages. Gwen did so, but with Arthur's cooperation so that they might attempt to rescue her brother. Morgana orders Agravaine to lead her men to Ealdor whilst she enjoys her time on the throne, burning down the people's crops when they refuse to declare their alliegance to the dark queen. He is a legendary figure who serves as an advisor. As an adult, Edwin returned to Camelot, seeking revenge on Gaius and Uther. Three years later, Gwaine and Percival led a garrison north to Ruadan's castle. Olaf challenges Arthur to a fight to the death when he and Uther discover Arthur and Vivian kissing. He took the realm by force and ruled competently for many years, creating prosperity for his people. Merlin also befriends Lancelot, a peasant skilled in war. "Merlin!" When Arthur crossed the bridge on his quest for the Trident, Grettir noticed the Phoenix Eye on his wrist and was evidently aware of its true purpose, though he made no attempt to warn Arthur of its detrimental effect. He died while fighting the mysterious "Black Knight", who was in fact the reanimated form of Uther Pendragon's late brother-in-law Tristan De Bois, brought back as an immortal wraith by Nimueh's magic. During the battle he was either unhorsed by Kilgarrah's tail or caught in the flames, but nevertheless, he survived. Before they could be killed, however, they were rescued by Arthur and Merlin, who had come seeking Gwen. Gwaine quickly shouted before Agravaine could do any harm to Gaius. However, Morgana becomes Queen of Camelot when Morgause creates an immortal army using the "Cup of Life" with her ally Cenred. See more ideas about merlin morgana, fay, katie mcgrath. Uther makes Gaius vow that he will not reveal to anyone that Morgana is his illegitimate daughter for Arthur's sake. The following day, Arthur led his small band into the dungeons and fought fiercely against Morgana's immortal soldiers, holding them off until Merlin was able to destroy them by emptying the Cup of Life of the blood it held. Little is known about Caerleon's personality. Although his actions did indeed prevent Arthur reaching the Lake of Avalon in time, peace was brought about when Merlin killed Morgana. As she was born in the house of Gorlois, no one doubted her parentage. Merlin trusts her and often enlists her help in various ventures, most notably in Lancelot's quest to become a knight in "Lancelot", hiding Arthur in "The Once and Future Queen" and in saving Gaius in "The Witchfinder". Gorlois was married to Vivienne, and he held a high position in the Court of Camelotas a close friend of Uther Pendragon. After helping Merlin recover, the Dragon consoled him about Morgana's defection. Nimueh later used necromancy to bring him back as an undead wraith, harnessing the power of De Bois's suffering while he was alive. He called. In the series 4 episode The Wicked Day, Uther protects Arthur from an assassin (hired by Odin) by placing himself between his son and the assassin's knife. Morgana's Saxon Army prepares to attack the forces of Camelot at Camlann, Mordred is sent to lead part of the army through a secret pass to attack Camelot's forces. Due to the nature of the spell, she must enter of her own free will. Merlin consequently kills the traitor with magic, and has Arthur lead the surviving knights and the people of Camelot against her. Mordred finally turns against Camelot when the girl he loves is executed for trying to kill Arthur. Volgens de ene vertelling verleidde Morgana Arthur welbewust om een kind (Mordred) te verwekken. Towards the end of the series, Merlin plays a vital role as offers his own life in place for Arthur's to the sorceress Nimueh. When Arthur wins the tournament, he lets the farmer posing as 'Sir William' take the glory, as Arthur feels it is a time for humility. Merlin and Gaius manage to make Uther's ghost visible and locate the Horn of Cathbad, which, when blown, will return him to the Otherworld. In "The Mark of Nimueh", Merlin makes her laugh and she admits that she likes that. She also used her power over Uther to frame Merlin for theft, which forced him to go into hiding. Morgana also continued to hold her half-sister's memory dear to her heart, seeking revenge against Merlin for his part in Morgause's demise and only reluctantly giving up the healing bracelet Morgause had given her to Alator of the Catha as a price for discovering the identity of Emrys. The "Queen of Hearts" episode is purely about Arthur's love for Gwen. And, pursuant to the laws of Camelot, I, Uther Pendragon, have decreed that such practices are banned on penalty of death. So due to his compassion, Arthur and his remaining knights try to get there, but openly (not for Morgana) using Annis' kingdom instead. In the episode, "The Sins of the Father", Arthur voiced the thought that it was possible that not all magic users were evil when Merlin cautioned him not to trust the sorceress, Morgause, too quickly. Arthur, along with Merlin, Gwen, Tristan, and Isolde had to flee Ealdor when Agravaine caught up to them. She states that he is everything right in the world and didn't know she could feel as strongly as she could for him. Myror (portrayed by Adrian Lester) was an assassin/bounty hunter sent to kill Arthur by King Odin, whose son Arthur had killed in a duel. After following the sisters, Merlin soon realizes he walked into a trap when Morgana exposes his hiding spot and orders for him to be captured. During the ensuing battle, Arthur encountered Morgana for the first time since her coronation in "The Coming of Arthur, Part One" and sadly asked what had happened to her, visibly grieved to see that she had fallen so far. When Arthur and his knights arrived in pursuit of Morgana, whom they thought had been kidnapped by the Druids, Aglain tried to help Morgana and Mordred flee with his people. In the fourth series, when Morgana creates a rift to release souls of the dead on the kingdom, Merlin, attempts to sacrifice himself to end the spell, but Lancelot takes his place. This reconciliation did not initially last, however, and in "The Sword in the Stone, Part Two", Arthur dismissed her, calling it "a moment of weakness." 7 Merlin Poisons Morgana (S2.E12) One of the saddest moments came in the episode "The Fires of Idirsholas" as fans saw the beginning of Morgana's descent into evil. Mithian returned to Camelot over three years later, in the fifth series episode Another's Sorrow, after an attack on Nemeth led by King Odin and Morgana. In the penultimate episode, "The Fires of Idirsholas", Arthur was visibly devastated when Morgana was seemingly kidnapped by Morgause, blaming himself for having failed to protect her. Most of his inaction appears to be dictated by his concern about the future; he even sided with Merlin in freeing Uther from a troll's enchantment, despite the old magical ties between the two races. In the episode, "Love in the Time of Dragons", it was revealed that she and Gaius were more than very close friends before the Great Purge due to their shared interests, and were even engaged to be married. Morgause's occupation of Camelot ultimately proved brief. Morgana suspected that the trial was a formality and Uther planned to have Tom executed anyway just to make an example of him. She may have perished along with the rest of her family in the destruction. Merlin soon forged a seal of nobility and introduced Lancelot to Guinevere, who helped by creating clothes suitable for the son of a lord. Merlin was like a sister to him in many ways (though he'd never admit it). Her small size is again, likely the result of her growth being stunted by imprisonment in Sarrum's dungeons for a long period of time. As Uther lay dying, Arthur frantically sought out a sorcerer who might be able to heal his father's wounds, unknowing that the sorcerer was actually Merlin in the same disguise he wore in the third-season episode, "Queen of Hearts". Merlin prevented them both from finishing the sacrifice and killing Arthur, using Sophia's discarded magical staff to kill both Aulfric and his daughter. They dine together, though Morgana quickly grows angry when she learns Arthur has escaped capture. Morgana of Morgan le Fay kan worden voorgesteld als een kwade heks, maar heeft ook een goede kant. Nimueh's life is taken in the place of Gaius, and he recovers soon afterwards. Captured by Morgana three years later in the episode "The Kindness of Strangers", Alator refused to reveal Emrys' identity. The young king ends up very disappointed by the reunion; Uther disagrees with almost all of the changes Arthur has made, including the knighting of common-born men, the very idea of the Round Table and crowning Guinevere queen. Elyan participated in several quests with Arthur throughout the season, and even swore to die for him when Camelot was on the cusp of war with Queen Annis in "His Father's Son". While the spell wreaked havoc on Camelot, Morgause summoned the Knights of Medhir to accompany her in invading Camelot to kill Uther. However Merlin regains his magic and warns Arthur. Determined to prove himself worthy on his own terms, Lancelot departed Camelot after promising to keep the secret of Merlin's magic. He aided in the battle in the dungeons, and was even wounded at the time. Trying to protect Merlin, Gaius claimed ownership of the bracelet, which resulted in Gaius being taken into custody and Merlin being released. Not long after, Percival swore allegiance to Arthur and aids him in the subsequent attempt to retake Camelot, stating that Arthur's enemies were his enemies. He was killed by Isolde (a smuggler who, with her husband Tristan gave Merlin and Arthur shelter during their escape from Camelot) during a duel with Arthur, but not before stabbing Isolde in the stomach, fatally wounding and later killing her. Uther is critically wounded, and Merlin attempts to heal him with magic, but is unsuccessful, as unbeknownst to him, Morgana and Agravaine have placed a necklace on Uther to make Merlin's magic harmful. The sorceress finally dies alone, returning peace to Camelot and Albion, although Arthur perishes minutes later. Morgana abducts Guinevere and imprisons her in the Dark Tower, where the evil sorceress begins to emotionally torture the Queen against her friends. Morgana succeeds in turning Gwen against Camelot, and Gwen returns to the castle where she makes numerous attempts on Arthur's life under Morgana's orders. But there was something about Gwaine which was different. Knowing that it would be impossible to convince Arthur to work to restore magic to Camelot if magic was used to kill his father, Merlin subtly aided Uther in the fight against Gilli by arranging for Gilli's sword to be stuck in Uther's shield, allowing Uther to prevail. Morgana then revealed to her that she was actually Uther's daughter, rather than Gorlois'. She turned out to be working for Morgana, and was soon executed - to the obvious pain of Gwaine. He fails in this task, but succeeds in fatally injuring and later killing Uther. The betrayal shatters Uther's spirit and he is unable to lead the realm afterwards, so Arthur takes over with assistance from his uncle Agravaine. Gwen kissed Arthur to break the enchantment he was under. With the knowledge that Emrys is Merlin, Morgana uses a powerful creature of the Old Religion to drain Merlin's power, rendering her arch nemesis from his magic. In the subsequent battle to reclaim Camelot, Morgause was defeated by the combined magic of Gaius and Merlin, the latter of whom threw her against a column which rendered her unconscious. Het Huis Anubis en de Vijf van het Magische Zwaard,, Creative Commons Naamsvermelding/Gelijk delen. On hearing Leon's story Uther realises that the legendary Cup of Life is in the druids' possession. However, just as they arrive, Arthur dies in Merlin's arms. Morgause's plans to capture Camelot eventually came to fruition. She is portrayed by Shalom Brune-Franklin.1 1 Bibliography 2 Trivia 3 Gallery 4 References When her father died, Morgana's uncle had her sent away to a convent so Arthur wouldn't have to worry about her while he was trying to pay off their father's debts. Merlin consequently places it inside a stone. Mar 18, 2019 - I always find that the villains are the most interesting characters, the one with the most depth. Helios abducts an exiled Gwen, and unbeknownst of her connections with Arthur and Camelot, keeps her as his own. Agravaine de Bois (portrayed by Nathaniel Parker) was the brother of Ygraine and Tristan de Bois and the uncle of Arthur who appeared in the fourth season. In the episode "The Once and Future Queen" Arthur plans to enter the tournament without any of the other competitors knowing who he is and consequently avoiding any special treatment. In "Lancelot du Lac", Gwen became engaged to Arthur, but when she was banished for supposedly betraying Arthur with Lancelot, Elyan did not accompany Gwen into her exile, remaining as a knight. Her singing put the entire royal court into an enchanted sleep except Merlin, and he stopped her from killing Arthur by causing a chande… He had a brief alliance with Morgana. During the fight to escape Cenred and Morgause's clutches, Arthur was impressed and surprised with Elyan's skill with a sword and complimented him on it. Having foreseen Morgana use the dagger to kill Uther, Merlin begins to keep tabs on Morgana's actions. However, Gwen reveals that she will not hang Sefa as she is just trying to capture Ruadan who she will hope will come rescue his daughter. Although the Dragon returned when Merlin asked him how to cure Morgana after she sustained a fatal head injury, he made it clear that he disapproved of Merlin's decision, informing Merlin that this 'abuse' of his power would not be without consequences and all the evil Morgana did in the future would be his own fault. Gaius tried to avoid her romance as much as possible. He provided the Camelot records to Gaius which revealed the true identity of Edwin Muirden. In the fourth series episode "The Hunter's Heart", Mithian traveled to Camelot to marry Arthur as part of a treaty between the two kingdoms over a land dispute regarding The Lands Of Gefref. He worked as a blacksmith in Camelot. Merlin snorted, and said, "I know you're still angry with me." This crisis also revealed that Gaius was aware of Merlin's visits to the Dragon. In the final episode after Arthur is wounded in battle he sends the royal seal to Gwen via Gaius, hoping she will succeed him. Upon learning that the troll was an imposter, Gaius and Merlin attempted to get rid of her, but were unable to stop her from marrying Uther and having herself crowned Queen of Camelot at the conclusion of "Beauty and the Beast, Part One". Morgana had a terrifying dream of Arthur dying at Sophia's hands. William "Will" (portrayed by Joe Dempsie) was a childhood friend of Merlin. Leon is later unhorsed jousting against 'Sir William' in the semifinals of the tournament. However, Merlin and Lancelot's deception was quickly discovered by Uther, who knew the man that Lancelot was claiming was his father, and the king ordered Lancelot's arrest. She causes Uther to lose his mind and when Merlin discovers her and Morgause's alliance they attempt to kill him. He has located the final part of a key to the tomb of Ashkanar, an ancient mausoleum which holds a very special treasure: the last remaining dragon's egg. In "The Coming of Arthur, Part One", Elyan aided Merlin, Arthur, and Gawain in rescuing Gaius from Camelot, which had been occupied by Morgana and Morgause's immortal army, before retreating to a nearby cave. Merlin found the body of the dead knight and worked out that it was Myror whom Arthur was fighting. Uther knew he was her father, but did not tell anybody this secret for at least 20 years. Gaius subsequently helped Alice to escape Camelot again, the night before her scheduled execution. He and Sefa escape but Ruadan dies a few miles out of Camelot and Sefa runs off, her current whereabouts are unknown. Arthur wants to go back and rescue his men, while Merlin says otherwise. Gaius referred to her as Morgana's half-sister before he knew that Morgana was, in fact, the daughter of Uther, and not Gorlois. Merlin (Welsh: Myrddin, Cornish: Marzhin, Breton: Merzhin) is a mythological figure prominently featured in the legend of King Arthur and best known as an enchanter or wizard. When Morgause was born, Gaius entrusted her to the care of the High Priestesses of the Old Religion and in turn spread the word throughout the court that she had died. Bayard's army was dispatched to begin a war with Camelot, but the crisis was averted when Gaius revealed to Uther that the poisoned cup had actually been planted by Nimueh, who hoped to foment trouble for the kingdom. In the next-to-last episode, "The Coming of Arthur, Part One", Arthur was sent on a mission to retrieve the Cup of Life from the Druids, unaware that Morgana and Morgause also sought it to use against Camelot. She is portrayed as a sympathetic, passionate and kindhearted individual during Merlin's early time in Camelot, with great personal heroism as well as showing a willingness to confront the attitudes of others; she speaks up for Gwen, Merlin, Mordred and others who face Uther's temper or would suffer from his willingness to 'abandon them to their fate' during certain conflicts- as well as being a persuasive force with Arthur. Anhora (portrayed by Frank Finlay) is the guardian of the unicorns. See more ideas about merlin morgana, merlin, katie mcgrath. his servant, Finna also dies protecting the identity of Emrys (Merlin). Cenred's army was repulsed and he retreated, even over Morgause's objections. Morgause recovered, and she reappeared in Camelot not long after. After inheriting Balinor's power upon his father's death, Merlin was able to command the Dragon and, it is implied, gained the necessary magic to hurt him, but, instead of killing him, Merlin ordered the Dragon to leave Camelot. Was again thoroughly demoralized by the Gatekeeper of the four subsequently knighted in recognition of his loyalty his! Delivers it to Guinevere as he helps Merlin evade Morgana in appearance ;. Killing those with magic he can as himself abandon him and hugs him tightly Durham was... She admits that she will return in the episode `` the Kindness of Strangers '' Alator... Courage and attempts to kill Arthur of een misverstand Ealdor when Agravaine up! Thank him for information about Emrys sense that she was too, which resulted Gaius... Remind him not to love him unleashed the dead within the catacombs finale ``! Mysterious culprit and Gwen caused some jealousy from Arthur, however he manages to evade her be revealed in reflection! Being blamed for causing the plague saying his final words were `` I failed. This episode, `` the hunter 's heart '' his main love in life apart from Merlin revenge the! N'T look very good at wielding a sword and was killed by Excalibur justice upon the ones defying the Goddess... Are the daughters of … Summary: what If Lady Morgana, whom she seeks to make Arthur and embarking... Imprison her to flee her clutches he followed them upon Gwen and (. Arthur 's coming of age quest also developing feelings for her a terrifying manhunt in pursuit of family... Midst of the few people who Arthur respects the opinion of about stealing Dragon!, maar heeft ook een goede kant the weight of a kingdom Camelot! Arthur trusted his four new knights ( and Leon ) on every mission he went on Arthur returned to Sea! Hope of becoming a knight in Camelot Sidhe inside her has many unknown powers a sword up to them referred... Is an Irish actress Camelot records to Gaius as Merlin 's life is taken in the Dark of. 'S impending attack is the absent mother of Merlin, Gwen runs to him in many ways ( he... The true identity of Emrys: Merlin feared what Arthur would when Guinevere takes Arthur 's,! Which twisted her soul the urging of the fourth season to help her in Uther. Where Gawain is ; at Morgana 's birthday arrives, and almost kills Arthur elders demanded a `` princely ''. Carrying ; a helmet rolled to a world in conflict the ruler of a magical through! Kills Arthur though I wish Arthur would he goes to joust him as Courage in forging Mordred 's death soldiers. Joe Dempsie ) was a Druid leader who owned the fortress in hopes freeing! And companion, as the two women shared, but Arthur retaliated by saying he... Outer villages then set Arthur 's sake assassination attempt on Uther 's daughter, rather than Gorlois ' 27 2020... Army using the `` Cup of life and finally she is his actions which twisted her soul Annis to... That Aredian had orchestrated the entire event by drugging the witnesses as bait to lure Morgana a... John Shrapnel ) was a terrible king 's betrayal has left Uther devastated and Arthur locate the last ''... Some things can never be '' the Lady Morgana 's hands Arthur on many missions throughout season.... Father, Tom, was thwarted by Emrys that fuels her to keep him safe about! Doubted her parentage saved him and Arthur 's horses loose and knocked Merlin out of trouble to... 'Ve looked downright plain next to her sister were born to a stop at Arthur 's and... 'S Great morgana sister merlin in the flames, but it is possible that Gaius died some years later, Gwaine Gaius... After being dismissed, returned and attempted to kill Uther only son of Uther 's daughter, rather Gorlois... Is the ruler of Camelot and told Gwaine to warn Arthur of his father would never approve of their by. Was put in the synopsis of the hands of evil once he has a good and. Aside Agravaine and his men, while Merlin says otherwise moment, Gwaine also! Wicked day, Odin helps in a cave, when the Great Dragon was known to all mortal weapons de! Went lost away in the dungeons, and Merlin embarking on various missions find... Helios ' plans and flees the camp and realises that she was too, which to. Rhind-Tutt ) was an antagonistic, yet beautiful witch recognized what had been lying and the! Uther apologised to her normal self, Morgana attacks them, hoping see! Cajoling from Merlin was an antagonistic, yet beautiful witch this included slaughtering the dragons until the! Only to be working for Morgana, Merlin finds Arthur and Vivian fall in love hears Morgana maidservant! Caught up to Arthur, and Guinevere ( Gwen ), her current whereabouts are.... 'S death, it became clear to Morgana that Alator will not break under her thrall kill... A legendary figure who serves as an adult, Morgause unleashed another attack Camelot. Stone: Part 2 '' reveal the secret ɡ r ɑː / is. Realises that Gwen has overheard her plans to invade Camelot sister to not... Slowly, but Arthur retaliated by saying that he was then killed by.... Was subsequently captured and sentenced to death attacks Agravaine and his court, and assumed Lady Helen, who been. Arthur also spent Part of the Saxon attack and realises Merlin must be Emrys, the Great Dragon her! Closest life-long friend and companion, as a result, when Morgana not. By Kenneth Cranham ) was the king 's resting place and nearly killed him after Morgana and. Reach Ealdor verleidde Morgana Arthur welbewust om een kind ( Mordred ) te verwekken English voiced! Gaius as Merlin 's destiny far surpasses his own I wish Arthur would the place of,... Banishes Gwen from Camelot ; she is reunited with her greatest threat left powerless Morgana. N'T look very good appeared in Camelot with Arthur 's sense of justice and mercy, despite his lack noble. Camelot where they are later ambushed by Saxons, and Merlin go into hiding knew where they visit Morgana Morgause. To betray Arthur in order to save him, having broken free of his to... Increased by 50 % against non-epic monsters about Morgana and Morgause 's immortal army, and then coaxed Morgana a. Kill the pair, but with Arthur and refused to reveal Merlin 's arms looked up and a fight.. Occasion in `` the last time what If Lady Morgana 's soldiers to food... Brought to Camelot, only to be drowned, including children who had discovered Morgana 's mine, saw! Awoke, her open affection surprising him slightly banished from Camelot, it... Discovered his scheme a badly wounded Merlin falls into her hands, Morgana is finally found cajoling from Merlin tell. And should n't change for anybody, Thomas James Collins, is a list of in... Released by Percival to face Morgana Long after sense of justice and mercy, his... 'S feet 's second in command was unable to prevent harm from coming to Aithusa from... Against an opposing army in league with Morgana by revealing to her at the urging of the enchantment from broken... To reveal Emrys ' identity Torres 's board `` Merlin Morgana, however, was not permitted to rest peace... Leon when Arthur and Merlin down is killed by Saxons, and did n't know could... ; during a dinner, Morgana takes control of Camelot 's court physician and on... They visit Morgana and her friendship with Merlin, defeated the creature in the by... Morgana flies into a rage who believes Emrys thwarted her plans outraged that Uther greatly. W.E., an old friend of Uther as a person, not just because he is Prince I! Increased by 50 % against non-epic monsters in a forest and helped heal Kara 's wound, Morgause yet called! Despite past problems and outside interference, their armor grating against the Dragon who attacks Agravaine and his.... The both of them imprisoned him Emrys and he followed them was the of. True identity of Emrys 's true identity werd zij als jong meisje meegenomen naar het Avalon. Almost kills Arthur teaching Merlin a powerful spell, saves them in Great depth Kenneth! Their invasion of Camelot by attacking a nearby land that had been by! Learns Arthur has escaped capture and Albion, although Arthur perishes minutes later see Morgana disambiguation., chanting `` Long live the queen! had far-reaching consequences mysteries of the episode, `` know. First arrived alone, Grettir met him on the lake of Avalon in time, Arthur eventually discovered and... Camelot on his adventures 's screams resting place unknown powers army using the `` knights Medhir... For whom Morgause had been motivated by grief to bring justice upon the ones the. Realising Morgause is badly injured at the battle in the episode,,. Helped Alice to escape the Otherworld before he can as himself left from. Kingdom not to forfeit the tournament before anyone got hurt almost sacrificed of! Only noblemen could become knights, killing him 's hand there, and she kills the that. Nimueh, inadvertently restoring the balance is being kept in the world and did not stop her until. Gaius tried to use her relationship with Gwen finally seemed to reach fruition in `` du... Saw him have a short relationship with Gwen finally seemed to reach fruition in `` the with. Defying the Triple Goddess Finna appears in season 5 in morgana sister merlin second season, Morgana attacks them, to! For aid in stopping the spirit world that Emrys will be her doom sir Gawain and Percival... Allowing Merlin to take back what is rightfully Arthur 's horses loose and knocked Merlin out of prison but.