Their uji cha comes from tea leaves grown in countryside southern Kyoto. Matcha is a powdered green tea unique to Japan. THE ALLEY LUJIAOXIANG. This video will explain briefly about 9 of the popular tea types. Matcha. Gyokuro Loose Leaf Japanese Green Tea 2. It also goes well as a great gift as well. Most of the tea produced here is Sencha. Among 12 kinds of tea leaves offered by Giontsujiri, Uji Gyokuro is the most popular, and it’s most suitable for gyokuro loves and green tea fans who know a lot about Japanese green tea. I think most people have green tea on their mind. Gyokuro – is regarded as the highest grade of Japanese green tea. NO.7 Lupicia (ルピシア) … It is made from a high grade tea that is shaded for at least three weeks before plucking. Some people believe genmaicha originated in Kyoto, while others think it came to Japan via Korea, which has a history of drinking roasted rice beverages. Japanese green teas are generally classified according to their type of cultivation, processing method and regional origin. Gokuzyo Aracha Loo 1. Honyama is a well-known tea producing region that includes many tea gardens. While serving authentic Taiwanese style boba, their insta-worthy colourful drinks become sensational hits including “BONSAI” Garden Tapioca Milk Tea … Shizuoka Prefecture. These are the 3 most famous Japanese fruits. The best sencha tea will have a nice golden and greenish color. Loose-Leaf Japanese Tea 1. Shizuoka is the largest production center in Japan, producing more than 40% of Japan's tea. Asia Pacific is the dominant region for ready-to-drink tea and coffee in 2016, with 41% revenue share, being driven mainly by Japan and China. There are different types of Japanese tea available at Japanese green tea company. Most Japanese teas are cultivated using the leaves of the Camellia sinensis tea plant. Sencha is the most popular tea in Japan and it can also be found in tea shops around the world. However, there are many more kinds of teas in Japan, and those are really good for your health especially when on a diet. Japanese tea When you hear "Japanese Tea", what comes to your mind? Here are the Top 5 Japanese Green Teas we think you should try: Matcha - Powdered Green Tea. What’s the most popular local tea in Japan? Here’s the best Japanese green tea brand offering amazing green tea bags and powder packed with nutrition and health benefits! The popular Taiwanese bubble tea shop, THE ALLEY LUJIAOXIANG has numbers of stores all around the world, and their first store in Japan was launched in 2017, in Omotesando area (near Harajuku and Shibuya). Below is the video script and link to each of the product mentioned in the video. Grand View Research In the UK in 2017, 68% of people drink tea per day , with 37% drinking two to three cups, and 21% drinking between four to five cups. Enjoying the Most Popular Tea in the World. It's true that Japanese green tea is really popular all over the world because of its health benefits. Green tea is the primary type of tea that is produced and consumed in Japan. Shading causes the leaves to produce much more chlorophyll, giving the tea a brilliant emerald color. In Japan, green tea is called Ryokucha, Ocha, or Nihoncha. Matcha tea is a unique green tea that is a fine powder rather than whole loose leaf tea. The addition of rice gives the tea a less bitter, more rounded, earthy and toasty flavor. JAPAN'S TEA PRODUCING REGIONS. One of the most popular tea products of this Japanese tea brand is the Gyokuro Karigane which goes for $40. The infusion process can make Sencha slightly more bitter than Chinese green teas. Here are some of the most popular varieties. The Most Popular Types of Japanese Tea. Giontsujiri is one of the most exclusive Japanese tea brands. It even aids in weight loss! In this article, I'll tell you about some Japanese teas. I am a total Green Tea freak. It is the first drink that welcomes me in the morning and the last drink at night after which I … Genmaicha is a very popular drink in Japan, comprising green tea leaves mixed with roasted browned rice.