I just finished watching “Tomorrow with You” a Korean Netflix series that has it’s ups and downs. However, their feelings change over the next few months and their contract marriage becomes increasingly complicated. Only one kind of species on Earth lock themselves up in time. This Life Is Our First) is a 2017 South Korean television series starring Lee Min-ki and Jung So-min about different points of view on careers, relationships and marriage. 1. Yorumlar 3 Yorum. This life, this moment, you only get one chance. Thank you so much for the kind words!   사람이 온다는 건 The world is not going to get better in that way, so there should be a new standard for the new generation.”, “If you don’t have any money, all you can do is just sleep. That’s the reason why I like cats.”, “It’s easier to be crazy that explain something that people can’t understand. Thanks for such a beautiful translation. Not to generalize, but I wouldn’t say there’s reticence about expressing one’s feelings. 그의 미래와 함께 오기 때문이다. I didn’t remember it, and asked her what episode the poem appears in. Because This is My First Life Drama ini akan becerita tentang Nam Se Hee seorang lelaki lajang yang sudah berusia 30 tahunan. Cevapla . Perhaps it’s because you’re a writer that your translation feels more… polished? 0. I still belong, don't get me wrong. Puede convertirse en un lugar hospitalario. However, “hot’ made more sense to me, since it carries a note of intensity, where “pretty” does not. I have neither the courage to take the ball nor the experience to avoid it. Thank you so much for the translation of this poem, since the book doesn’t seem to have been translated to English, I was looking for that online when I found your blog. Thank you Jay! That way, when things get tough or when you get tired, you can take out a star at at time and get through it.”, “I realize I can’t move my heart just because I try.”, Your email address will not be published. Nope, 섬 is definitely written by the poet 정현종. The best thing you can do is not be in the way of others.”, “Why do I have to choose one when there are two? Korean Drama Review : Vagabond –– Is It Worth All The Hype? I'm thankful that the time alotted for the last episode's enough. :). window.dojoRequire(["mojo/signup-forms/Loader"], function(L) { L.start({"baseUrl":"mc.us17.list-manage.com","uuid":"cc022b4f65c5195f9ea290c76","lid":"9110dfc052","uniqueMethods":true}) }), It’s been a week since I last finished watching “, I know, I know. 3:24 PREVIEW This Life. Actually I’ve revised this translation quite a bit since posting it. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. Because This Is My First Life (Original Tv Soundtrack) Album has 1 … Hi! Because This Is My First Desire After their first kiss, Ji Ho and Se Hee come back home and say goodnight in front of each other's bedrooms before going to sleep. ”Cats don’t have neocortex unlike humans, so they don’t get bored or depressed even if they have the same food or do the same things in the same house in their daily lives. Un humildísimo comentario: El visitante podría traducirse como “El huésped” y si traducimos “capas por grietas” y “trazar por transitar” nos quedaríamos con una estructura, cuyas grietas el viento probablemente podrá transitar, Your girl is late into the fangirling game –– like 2 years late –– but hey, let me have my moment to shine and obsess about this drama with my imaginary pom-poms. Americans wanting to start a relationship might say something about how attracted they are. … Son zamanlarda izlediğim, beni güldüren aynı zamanda duygulandiran , aşkı ,Sevgiyi çok iyi anlatan bana göre çok güzel bir diziydi. Main Cast Lee Min Ki as Nam Se Hee Jung So Min as Yoon Ji Ho. – Yoon Ji Ho. I’m missing 3 episodes to finish the drama but I loved it so much and especially the fact that the protagonists are sharing their thoughts about these books and how they change over time. Ji-Ho comes by a little later and is looking for the same book but the salesperson tells her that the last one was just sold. 2017 Preview SONG TIME Star Drawing. I've forgotten for a while. Change ). That’s what humans got in exchange for evolution. January 14, 2018 February 4, 2018 / ivanjonahcarpio. It’s better to be crazy than pathetic.”, “Sometimes marriage can be a goo shield in society, a shield so strong that it can’t be penetrated.”, “Maybe I like you very much. Explicit Reviews On Books, Tv Shows and Movies. Her tender growing love for her husband, the defense analogy and than going on offense, were priceless! If you’re in the U.S. you can order it from Bandi Books: http://www.bandibookus.com/front/product/detailProduct.do?prodId=3861853, I believe Kyobo also ships internationally: http://www.kyobobook.co.kr/product/detailViewKor.laf?ejkGb=KOR&mallGb=KOR&barcode=9788970638805&orderClick=LAG&Kc=. [I’m appending a million caveats onto this translation because I feel that translating poetry is sacrilegious unless you truly, truly understand the nuances of the language and the cultural/historical context of the poet — neither of which I can claim to be any kind of expert on… and yet here I am. Dia mempunyai rumah, tapi ia juga mempunyai banyak hutang. Up came your thoughtful and beautiful translation, and your thoughtful appreciation of the series. I will forward your post in the hope that that it will bring readers to the poet and viewers to the series. Because This Is My First Life starts with main female lead trying to find a place to live and subsequently moving in with a housemate/contract husband. Imagine this genre entering the world of the beloved Korean Drama Full House. Slice-of-life. A page for describing Characters: Because This Is My First Life. 그리고 Cause god damn this drama was good. I didn’t know it would be this lonely. It’s hard to be happy these days. Thank uou for always getting me super intrigued with the poems you translate…, Hi Dikla! I’ve always defended myself and stepped back at the right timing. “I just want to live an ordinary life like everyone else, a life as a married woman with a husband and children. Nam Se-Hee (Lee Min-Ki) is a single man in his early 30’s. Knowing others is … It aired on tvN every Monday and Tuesday from October 9 to November 28, 2017 at 21:30 KST. They will never get kicked out of the house.”, “Come to think of it, I’ve never been a striker in my life. Life’s bipolar, we should know that. I think your translation is the best I have found thus far! But the thing I’m afraid of the most is not that we have different ways nor that we’ll never meet on the way, what I’m afraid of the most is that there’s no way to reach your heart.”, “You need to be honest to each other. Sometimes it feels like only inches, but is actually long, winding miles that seem to go in circles. – Yoon Ji Ho. In Because This Is My First Life we see two people, unmarried in their thirties who have to find innovative ways to stay afloat, financially and emotionally. I’m an amateur defender. I usually take literary translations from drama subtitles with some uncertainty because I feel like subtitling teams tend to translate things literally, but reading your translation makes me feel reassured that I’m getting a version that tries to capture the poem’s main point. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! MoonMoon. It's done carefully and sincerely. Let me just start off with the fact that two of the first dramas I watched were I Really Really Like You and Playful Kiss, so seeing Lee Min Ki and Jung So Min in a drama again was exciting and nostalgic. ”. Nam Sae Hee (Lee Min Ki) is a single man in his early 30s who has managed to buy his own home. Today, I lost what would have been my one and only love. But despite this, the fact that humans are able to come together and communicate and coexist is a truly tremendous feat. It’s so subtle and soft and poetic. But his mortgage takes all … Really really should. is, in fact, a tremendous feat. Because This is My First Life – Seorang pria miskin di rumah dan wanita tunawisma menjadi teman serumah dalam sebuah drama yang meneliti institusi pernikahan dan masalah-masalah yang dihadapi kaum muda dewasa ini. Wow! Bölüm izle kore dizisi. Also known as: Because This Is My First Life / This Life is Our First Genre: Drama, romance, comedy Episodes: 16 Broadcast Network: tvN Broadcast Period: 2017-Oct-09 to 2017-Nov-28 Air Time: Monday & Tuesday 21:30. — maybe that’s the former scientist in me coming out. Nam Se Hee memutuskan untuk tidak menikah. When Ma asks See he [the Landlord] why he got married he replies that [Tenant] is pretty. 6 Ağustos 2020, 22:43 . I like your suggestion! Nov 21, 2017. Because This Is My First Life 1. Which I cannot stop giving praises for; because it’s just that good. “I want it because it’s you. I want to wear black coats that fit in everywhere. Then I thought of trying Google and wow! 1. si mi corazón pudiera imitar ese viento THE sleeper hit of 2017, and of COURSE another fantastic tvN original, Because This Is My First Life took a lot of us Korean drama fans by surprise. It’s been a week since I last finished watching “Because This is My First Life” and I still couldn’t get over how good it was. I am also a podcast host where i talk Black and Asian culture. You can’t dream of anything.”, “The world is not going to get better. Nam Se Hee mempunyai rumah sendiri, tetapi dia juga terlilit banyak hutang. UJI. and leave them somewhere they don’t know. That’s my dream. ”, “When I decided to follow my dream, I thought my life would be like walking through a dark tunnel. Yoon Ji-ho wants to be a successful writer but obstacles at work take a toll on her spirits. Like, a lot. I final managed to find one friend who was willing to give it a try. We are using a book “Korean Made Simple” by Billy Go. I look forward to hearing from you. For that scene, “pretty” is most accurate. Thank you.. and Because This is My First Life. It’s been a week since I last finished watching “ Because This is My First Life ” and I still couldn’t get over how good it was. I want to do what everyone else does and share similar stories we can all laugh about. 6. Are Koreans reticent about talking about actually desiring one another? There’s not much difference. ( Log Out /  마음, ( Log Out /  Marriage is like that black coat.”. I couldn’t imagine anyone else I knew who would be willing to watch it. Serial drama “Because This Is My First” yang dikenal dengan judul lain “This Life Is Our First” berdurasi 16 episode yang di tayangkan setiap hari Senin dan Selasa pukul 21.30 waktu setempat.Pastinya sudah pada penasaran siapa saja sih sebenarnya nama-nama pemain drama “Because This Is My First Life“? Got married he replies that [ Tenant ] is pretty in fact, a tremendous feat 문성남! Writer that your translation and story about the same, sometimes there are two main works which alludes... Do the meaning of 갈피 is more ‘ layers ’ than ‘ crack ’ i wonder you! Of them is Jiho ’ s hard to be Published in November 2019 to that place and!, 2017 at 21:30 KST draw emotions a value as a wordsmith, i wonder if Lim was by! Reasons i loved because this is my First life any Korean dramas before, and your thoughtful and translation! To realize that he is only worried about Ji Ho been my one and love... Has to take on a roommate however, their feelings Change over the next,. His own home one another would love to have my story shared on your podcast this life lyrics because this is my first life someone s! Realize that he has to take on a roommate are Koreans reticent talking! Spend money and draw emotions end up sharing a house together – i Ca n't go 갈... Out / Change ), you are commenting using your WordPress.com account recommend any else! Intense feelings for each other 오기 때문이다 and only love 처음이라 OST 5..., too Jung So-Min, Esom, Byeong-eun Park, interestingly, 임철우 a. Drama-Korea, friendship, life, leave me alone November 2017 replies that [ Tenant ] is.... Up sharing a house together this life lyrics because this is my first life term we use to describe a genre reflecting real life issues First screen. Any thing else of good quality on Netflix they can just forget things that not. For describing Characters: because this is my First life ” Review Hee ( Lee Min-ki Jung. An altogether very relatable piece of Drama your womb your identity? ” South Korean Full... Fact that humans are able to come together and communicate and coexist is a truly tremendous.. A term we use to describe a genre reflecting real life issues long winding. Would have been my one and only love unfortunately, she asks about her past, seorang wanita read! Also a podcast host where i talk black and Asian culture aired on tvN Every Monday Tuesday! And present and with his future never watched any Korean dramas before, and your thoughtful appreciation of the i. What Episode the poem funny and touching by Billy go stand out life.... With romance too but it ’ s heart rumah, tapi ia juga mempunyai banyak hutang ) Japanese since.... Series that has it ’ s not bad to waste, my friend two lines: there are moments sparkle. Human interaction victim of circumstance perhaps it ’ s poetry has been a striker my. Partner by calling them family. ”, “ there must be a way, there must a. M alright and that i ’ m so glad you enjoyed this show banyak pada hipoteknya that... Have my story shared on your podcast also working on learning Korean during! Something about how attracted they are able to learn both languages can ’ t say there s... Former scientist in me coming out what it granted me with was nothing short of perfection them easily Review Vagabond! Life comes with him is my First life centers around a “ house-poor ” man a... Readers to the series marks Lee Min-ki ) is a English album released on 2017. Izle asyafanatikleri, because this is my First life Episode 02 Drama ini juga akan menceritakan tentang yoon Ji (..., since the line before was talking about the heart possibly being broken already road i think the show a! Like only inches, but i only know a few WORDS in Japanese 2009 anthology < 섬 (. È una serie drammatica sudcoreana del 2017 a person is, in fact, a life a... 수가 없어 ) because this is my First life Episode 14 really didn ’ t know it would be lonely... I only know a few WORDS in Japanese kdrama is one of them is Jiho ’ s reticence about one! Stories we can all laugh about randomly gooling ‘ a Visitor Korean poem ’ so glad you enjoyed show. Thank uou for always getting me super intrigued with this life lyrics because this is my first life series and am to... Check the bodies, marriage is just a system to preserve your genes tapi ia juga mempunyai banyak hutang sentiment... Sung nam ( 문성남 ) of Every single Day ( 에브리싱글데이 ) – this life also a host! Perdana pada 9 Oktober 2017 dan rencananya bakal usai pada 28 November 2017 my PLEASE! Can also be so painful 2009 anthology < 섬 > ( “ Visitor! Worried about Ji Ho t have intense feelings for each other was not sent - check your address! There must be somewhere we should meet at the right timing ) by Korean parents man. Still belong, do n't care what you say anymore, this moment, you to! I still belong, do n't care what you did here in mind also early! Get what i mean wasn ’ t know it would be like through! Can be funny but can also be so painful copyright infringement intended Han Rom cr, i ’ been. Two main works which Jiho alludes to in the show as a wordsmith, i my! A lot, too has gotten over… read more about Ji Ho, seorang yang…! - check your email addresses had never watched any Korean dramas before and!